Reuse and recycling

The 5R Theorem

The philosophy of recycling is the basis of our entire work cycle which starts from clearances to get to the recovery of the material through the enhancement and reuse in our second-hand shops and recycling as accurate as possible

The theorem of reuse and recycling

What no longer serves you may serve others. What no longer serves others can serve you.

Degrowth economics

"Only a financial economic system aimed at minimizing the consumption of resources and the production of waste , which reduces waste, increases the life span of objects and recycles the raw materials contained in the discarded ones, uses technological innovations to minimize minimize the environmental impact of production processes and not to increase productivity, develop the self-production of goods to the maximum, short supply chains, non-mercantile exchanges, in a word, only a degrowth economy has a future potential capable of reversing the self-destructive tendency inherent in the current use of rationality for an irrational purpose."

What's this?

It is a voluntary passage towards a fair , participatory and ecologically sustainable society. Not to be confused with an involuntary economic contraction.


Because economic growth, measured by the increase in GDP, leads to an increase in production, consumption and investment, therefore to an ever greater use of materials, energy and land.
Because production and consumption cannot grow indefinitely. There is a limit, beyond which irreparable damage is caused to the environment and to future generations,
Because there is growing evidence that growth in production and consumption is socially unsustainable and uneconomic : the costs outweigh the benefits.
Because if we don't reverse course and don't find a "right measure", an uncontrollable economic decline will be triggered, with a very serious social impact, especially for the poorest.

Our reality

By its very nature, our working reality corresponds exactly to the working activity desired by the degrowth movement, as it is based on the recovery of the goods discarded by others and is in absolute contrast with the economic policy of traditional companies, where productivity , consumption, wealth, worker exploitation, competitiveness, waste of resources.

The 5 R policy

decades, our reality has been pursuing the 5 R policy proposed by Don Gesualdi, namely: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Slow down .